Kagara Global Sinergi is a Geology Mining, and Environmental Service company from Kagara Corporation located in Jakarta. Serving local and global client base, we deliver consulting and technology services across industries.

KAGARA focused on applying geology, mining, environmental method best practice to optimize client business value.

KAGARA is equipped with Employees and Professional Associates, who already registered as Competent Person (CPI) under JORC and KCMI code.

KAGARA able to handle whole geology, mining, and environmental services work from exploration to production within time and budget constraints.

Our Services

Geology & Exploration

KAGARA has extensive experience providing geology services from exploration to development stage for various mineral commodities, including coal, base-metal, and industrial mineral.



Mining Service

KAGARA provides a comprehensive range of services at all stages of the mining life-cycle from mine optimization and planning to mine closure for the mining operations’ success.



Groundwater & Environment

KAGARA provides a full range of environmental services for mining industry to support mine development and overcome contamination issues.



Mining Training & Courses

KAGARA’s top priority is helping clients to get the most out of their investment in human resources. Our professional team always ready to help to improve your company’s efficiency.

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