Drought Analysis

Drought is one of the issues often faced in agricultural ecosystem that exists due to several factors including low rainfall, high and low temperatures, salinity, and high light intensity. During plant life cycle, it needs a large amount of water and nutrients. But, when water supply declines, changes arise in all metabolic, physiological, genetic and morphological aspect of plants. Moreover, drought causes a wide range of plant reactions such as lower heights, reduced leaf sizes, less leaves, decreased fruit production and changes in reproductive process.

The Benefits of Drought Analysis

Drought Analysis delivers a fast and accurate report that allows you to identify and quantify all plants affected with drought, assess their current drought status, and determine the exact areas of varying drought conditions. Drought analysis helps you prevent plant damage, yield reduction, and irrigation problems by implementing the most appropriate measures based on the drought status (which can be extreme, moderate, or no drought). It also enables you to adjust the irrigation system based on the specific needs of your plants, maximizing the success of crop production.

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The Best Time to Apply Drought Analysis


Being able to accurately monitor drought is essential for all stages of the plants’ growth cycle. However, in order to minimize the risk of getting low yield, Drought Analysis should be applied during the vegetation period.

Drought Analysis Report

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