Field Analytics Software

Field analytics software is an intuitive agricultural platform and data analysis software that uses AI to perform analytics from aerial imagery to provide actionable data and valuable information about plants and fields. Our solution will help farmers to act preventively, correctively and assess the overall state or damage levels of the crops, and also provides early insight into visualized, user-friendly, geo-referenced map of a field.

We want to make it possible for the users to know exactly what is happening on their fields at any given moment throughout the growing season, and to enable them to successfully plan, monitor and analyze agricultural activities, improve crop performance, increase yields, and lower production costs. This field analytics software is meant to be used by agronomists, farmers, and any agriculture professional who is growing crops to improve agricultural results, double their productivity and increase profits.

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How You Can Benefit by Using Our Technology?

  • Save time and resources on field scouting, reducing time consuming and labor-intensive footwork
  • Increased yield efficiency and reduced risks
  • Improve sub-optimal crop production by increasing operational efficiency and the profit through lower costs
  • Simplifying and easing the workflow with easy-to-understand reports, sharable results, and integration with 3rd party platforms (drone software, FMS, etc.)

How It Works?


First, aerial data are taken using drones that are operated by farmers and growers themselves or by other agricultural professionals like drone operators and agronomists. Next, once all the images get stitched into a map, everything is uploaded to the web app. The next step is to request a specific type of analysis. Then, sophisticated AI software is leveraged to create easy to use and easy to understand data in shapefile or PDF format, which can be shared with your clients or colleagues.

Finally, this software provides you with actionable insights which they can upload to 3rd party software and use throughout the growing season. Use the app to keep all fields and maps in one place and gain full insight into mapping data and results at any time. You can also rely on the map comparison tool and analyze your field from different time periods to make accurate conclusions and take the most optimal actions in the future.

Analysis and Their Applications

Stand Count

  • Determine the number of plants in a specific area and compares it to the expected number of plants.
  • Suitable for vegetables and crops.
  • Estimate sowing quality, spot potential yield loss, evaluate replants, assess damages, harvest planning.

Plant Population

  • Provide information on the number of plants. Suitable for perennial plants, orchards or forestry missions.
  • Perform an inventory check, spot missing plant spots, evaluate replants, assess damages, harvest and thinning planting.

Pest Damage

  • Detect pest damage areas and timely suppresses the threat.
  • Improve pesticide usage, determine the effectiveness of treatments.

Weed Control Analysis

  • Identify weed infestations and allows farmers to take effective in-season corrective measures.
  • Identify and quantify the weed zones. Helps to create VR spraying maps and optimize herbicide usages.

Plant Stress Analysis

  • Provide information on the number of plants. Suitable for perennial plants, orchards or forestry missions.
  • Provide information on healthy plants and identifies anything else as stress. The report shows the size and location of problem areas caused by pest, weed, diseases, irrigation problems etc.
  • Check the overall performance of crops and fields and check them for stress. Discover any threatened areas of checkup.

Plant Disease Analysis

  • Examine the entire vegetated area and evaluates its current condition.
  • Provide the exact size and location of field zones affected by plant diseases caused by viruses, fungi, or bacteria.
  • Improve fungicide usage, determine the efectiveness of treatments.
  • Analyzes plants and crops at right growing stages on various diseases.

Flowering Estiomation

  • Assess flowering levels of your crops that will improve your operations. It helps to improve pesticide usage, determine the best harvesting date and facilitates general harvest planning.

Potential Yield

  • Determines the percentage and the exact location of areas with good and poor yield potential.
  • Plan yield and determine profit before harvest day. The report also lets users proactively and accurately decide on which corrective measures to take.

The Ideal Combination of Human Expertise and Intelligence with Cutting-edge Technology