IoT Solution

Internet of Things (IoT) Solution

Internet of Things (IoT) will be the new game-changer in the world we are living in.

We are living in an ever-changing world with the IR4.0 building up to a full swing. We believe that for a revolution to truly benefit the people, the technologies behind it should be simple and affordable. That is why our solution engineers work 24/7 in providing the best system-as-a-service IoT to you, starting with selecting the most cost-effective ways for our customers to adopt the technologies without compromising the functionality and quality of data acquired.

At Kagara Agro Persada, we believe that no one should be left behind when it comes to embracing the IR4.0. That’s why we strongly advocate easily accessible Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data solutions, through a simple and affordable system.

ZeroG IoT : 

How & Why?

  • Low setup & maintenance cost – due to zero infrastructure requirement
  • Low operating cost
  • Low power consumption
  • Cost-effective network subscription
  • Consistent & reliable real-time data
  • Temper-proof
  • Autonomous – requires minimal human intervention
  • Historical data & data integrity - key enabler of Big Data analytics
  • Proven track record – 53 countries, over 3 million devices


This is how our technology works.......

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IoT aims to connect multiple sensors and has the ability to transfer data in real-time, with minimum human intervention. We offer an IoT technology as an effort to streamline your business. This is how our technology work : Firstly, the sensors will collect the data from the environment that are connected with Sigfox signal. Once the data gets to Sigfox cloud, then the data will be processed and visualized on the dashboard. Our dashboard enables customer to have a better insight of company‘s operation and targeted decision based on real time data. This dashboard is multi-tenant ready for multiple IoT sensors and provide advanced analytics for the users at different level.

Our Sensors

Soil temperature, pH level and humidity monitoring

As in the case crop monitoring, many farmers are often hard to monitor the soil condition effectively. Unexpected amount and costs of fertilizer, and water waste also become a challenge for farmers today. We offer soil monitor as solution to record soil temperature, volumetric water content, humidity and pH level without having to check it manually. It can deliver data at custom intervals and provide data-driven predictions for optimal planting times and water usage.

Rainfall monitoring

Identify rainfall, ambient temperature and humidity. It can deliver data at custom intervals and water-resource management and agriculture productivity.

Environment monitoring

Identify the temperature and humidity – useful for enclosed farms, facilities, clean rooms, greenhouse, etc. By understanding and taking control of these factors in your farm individually, you stand a better chance of providing precisely the right combination for you and your plant to succeed.

Drain water level monitoring

The sensor detects presence of water at certain (regulated) level and can give early warning to crop owners to make decisions.

Pest control

This sensor provides you data analytics to identify movement pathways, breeding and harborages of rodents. So you can boost the efficacy of traps and glue boards. This sensor also allows for M&E rectifications and improvements of infrastructure to be made to ensure future rodent entry and intrusion is minimized.

People tracking

With this sensor, you will be able to track worker’s whereabouts within a big  facility from anywhere and anytime, because the sensor is supported by cloud-based platform. This sensor has panic button to alert superiors and authorities in case of emergency.

Asset tracking

This sensor is able to track location of assets anywhere in the world within Sigfox network coverage. Despite the wide of sensor's coverage, you don't need major infrastructure to setup the system.

Water Monitoring

This monitoring includes Water pH, Water temperature, Ambient Temperature & Humidity, Motor Integrity Sensor, Electrical Conductivity (EC) and Dissolved Oxygen (DO) monitoring. EC & DO can deliver data driven predictions for optimal hydroponic nutrition usage, determination of impurities in water, aquaculture, and fresh water system.

SATU Dashboard

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One platform to rule them all. That is what SATU Dashboard is all about. With vast data collected everyday through our IoT solutions, a simple and elegant platform is needed to store, collate, cleanse and visualise the data in a user-friendly and intuitive form. SATU Dashboard offers just that; a platform where data are visualised, alerts sent, corrections prescribed and reports written according to specific requirements of each customer. All you need to do is login through your laptops or mobile devices; and the wonders of IoT are now at your fingertips.

Digitalization of Farm Management

Digitization of farm operations by implementing Farm Management function – enable paperless management!

Alert & Notifications

Farmers will be notified if there are any irregularities at the farm via the dashboard or other smart devices – turning data into actionable items.

One-look overview

Everything in one platform means that you are less likely to miss anything, which means better farm management.

Integrated data

Data from other sources like drones can be overlaid and integrated with the dashboard – unlocking trends and quicker mitigation implementation.

"Technology should be simple enough for anyone to use, and affordable enough for all industries. That is why in KAGARA, our IoT solutions are available as System-as-a-Service model. Not only our engineers and analysts will design the solutions based on your specific requirements, we will also install, monitor, maintain, troubleshoot and continuously improve the solutions. All you need to do is subscribe, relax and enjoy the wonders of IR4.0 technologies, all at your fingertips."

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