K-MINE : Chief


K_MINE: Chief module is developed specifically to help your leading experts to get easy and quickly the latest information about the mining-and-geological situation on your site as well as assist them by making decisions related to mining operations.

This module provides you these functions and opportunities:

  • Automated data polling via the server from different departments
  • View and editing vector-based drawing summery information
  • Performing linear and angular measurements, determining the areas and volumes of specified figures
  • Preparation and processing of report documentation
  • Export and import of graphics, tabular and text data

Moreover, you'll also get these benefits from Chief module:

  • Quick retrieving of actual data on geological examination, the status of mining operations, etc.
  • Tools for quick measurements and calculations
  • Analyzing various options for mining operations, creating the basis for weighted decision-making
  • Comparison between the actual and design situations in the mine
  • Interactive meetings for operational production decision-making
  • Creating interactive guidelines for engineering services

Application Examples

Downloading and displaying maps from Google Maps within specified boundaries of graphical environment

Creating objects based on data retrieved from *.KML files

Recalculating and export coordinates into *.KML files




Calculating infrastructure areas within the specified boundary






Creating text values by vertex height marks






Location visualization for the equipment from your mining transport complex






Visualizing current and design stages of mining operations to improve decision-making

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