K-MINE : Dispatch

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Dispatch module is designed specifically to visualize equipment locations and monitor its parameters, as well as calculate and create optimal schedules of works.

The software solution for dispatching offers powerful features that can help to:

  • Exchange data with dispatching and precise positioning systems
  • Monitor mining equipment using digital pit models in real-time mode
  • Display and analyze archival information about equipment movement trajectories and its operations for a specified period

Dispatch module also provide many benefits, including:

  • Minimizing downtime of mining equipment
  • Fuel saving in operation of hauling equipment
  • Efficiency improving of equipment
  • Decreasing fluctuation data of the ore mixture quality

Application Examples


Receiving data on current locations of mining and hauling equipment





Creating objects in a graphic-based environment using information from your database





Visualizing conditions of objects (shovels, dump trucks, drilling rigs, loaders, earthmovers, etc.)





Using data on transport and equipment locations from several databases at once





Visualizing motion data retrieved from equipment, monitoring actual processing parameters





Importing data on actual locations of drillholes and blastholes from external sources