K-MINE : Grain Size

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K-MINE: Grain Size module is intended to determine granulometric composition of blasted rock mass and quality rating of drilling and blasting works.

The software solution for rock fragmentation size analyzing helps you to:

  • Define granulometric composition of blasted rock mass interpreting images of mine faces, storage facilities. etc.
  • Set up and apply color filters for mined rock pieces
  • Filter “unnecessary” objects, mined rock, etc.
  • Organize multi-user mode for image processing
  • Process images in batches
  • Identify oversized and over-crushed mined rock
  • Process source images to obtain the most accurate results
  • Collect and analyze results of image processing
  • Retrieve statistics for image sets

Grain Size module offers many benefits, namely:

  • Analysis of drilling and blasting operations, determining the quality of rock crushing
  • Quick granulometric composition identification of blasted rock without additional rock processing
  • Generalized statistics of granulometric composition by blocks using cluster image analysis
  • Correction of blasting works to obtain required granularity
  • Monitoring and improving the quality of drilling and blasting preparation of mined rock

Application Examples

Uploading of broken mined rock photos along with initialization of measuring rules and adjustment of basic parameters





Calculation of granulometric composition using the photo planimetric evaluation measurement method





Adjustment of color and median filters and exclusion of selected colors from processing





Visualization of resulting chord array obtained from recognized broken mined rock photos





Generating final reports for the calculated granulometric composition of broken mined rock