K-MINE : Mining Monitoring

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K-MINE: Mining Monitoring module has capabilities to monitor compliance with technological norms and requirements in open cast mining, and can automatically analyze parameters of mining-and-technical elements in quarries, open pits, and dumps.

The software solution to control parameters of mining operations can help to:

  • Define sites for narrowing of roads, operational, safety and transport berms
  • Determine oversized slope angles of benches, lifts, and pit walls
  • Determine overestimated slopes of slip haul roads and railways
  • Three-dimensionally visualize areas with standard violations or deviations from norms
  • Calculate volume of prepared and blocked-out mineral deposits, active and common fields of operations
  • Calculate the checking volume of abandoned mined rock in the open pit for a required period, as well as the storage volume of overburden rock in dumps
  • Define sections in the annual mining program that deviate from the current deposit development project

This module will also give these following benefits:

  • Effective control of the current technological situation in your open pit
  • Stock control
  • Automatic recognition of mining operation parameters non-compliant with standard requirements
  • Analysis of causes and risk mitigation of emergencies
  • Security maintenance of mining operations

Application Examples

Visualizing areas with slope angles of benches and pit walls exceeding standard values





Visualizing exceeding values on slope angles of benches and pit walls






Controlling carriageway width of transport haul roads

Visualizing violations and deviations

Generating reports



Controlling turn radii of haul roads and railway





Controlling parameters for prepared and blocked-out mineral deposits, active and common fields of operations





Controlling safety berm width

Generating technical reports on abnormal areas



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