K-MINE : Open Pit Design

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The software system for open pit design contains the tool set that helps to design mine engineering structures, such as pits, dumps, haul roads and railways, in the course of open cut development.

Here are the functions and capabilities from this module :

  • Design of pit walls and their sections, slip roads, dump lifts, trenches, semitrenches, jetties, etc.
  • Design of arbitrary sections and profiles
  • Design of transport objects (roads, passing bays, transfer reload sites, parking places, etc.)
  • Design of communication lines (pipelines, power lines, electrical networks, route objects, etc.)
  • Calculation for rock volume excavations and backfills
  • Design of mining data sheets
  • Preparation of graphical design documentation according to technological design requirements and standards

Open Pit Design module provides these following benefits:

  • Solving different processing tasks during designing elements of pits, dumps, structures, and transport facilities
  • Performing open pit operations according to regulatory requirements and ensuring safety
  • Creating of annual, quarterly, and monthly plans for mining operations
  • Analysing and studying of various pre-design solutions

Application Examples

Object design according to the customers's profile






Road design under specified parameters and generating required reporting forms





Calculation and design of slip roads in different configurations, starting from the specified point in the open pit edge, as well as creating names for slip roads elements




Design of geological and surveying sections along specified section lines





Design of bergstrichs for modeling an area under specified parameters





Calculation of figure volumes using the vertical slice method and considering wireframe geological models 3D design of excavations, backfills, section lines and their names, as well as generating adjustable reporting forms