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Pit Optimizer module is developed specifically to define optimal pit boundaries considering economic indicators of field mining.

Pit Optimizer module offers powerful feature that will help to:

  • Create economical models for deposits
  • Construct optimal pit boundaries under different limiting conditions, in corners of pit wall slopes, and considering cost indicators of mining
  • Calculate different development scenarios for the open pit and determine its optimal boundaries
  • Consider limitations for single sections of pit walls
  • Determine economically viable depth of the open pit
  • Visualize results calculated for the optimal pit in 3D-mode
  • Establish the base for a stage-by-stage open pit design

This module also will provide many benefits, incuding:

  • Evaluation of the field mining
  • Strategic planning for optimal development of mining operations
  • Updating optimal pit boundaries by changing initial parameters
  • Building an optimal pit using the criterion of maximum NPV

Application Examples

Calculation of the optimal pit considering the mineral cost variability

Several calculation options depending on costs




Visualization of results obtained for each calculation options

Creating a surface according to the calculated block model




Package generation of report documentation for performed calculations

Graphical presentation of obtained results




Visualization of open pit mining for calculated periods using wireframe surfaces





Constrction of final pit along levels

Combined visualization of calculation results

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