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Scheduling module is designed to perform feasibility studies of mining operations in order to increase production profitability.

Scheduling module is supported by several features, namely:

  • Support of long-term (prospective), current time, and short time operational planning of mining operations
  • Plan calculation and optimization based on economic criteria with restrictions
  • Collection of processing volumes by stages and phases, quality assessment by sites
  • Economic evaluation of main technological processes in the plan considering current prices for consumables
  • Managing cargo traffic of overburden rock and ore considering equipment units, conditions and throughput of stations, etc.
  • Calculating ore traffic of the specified quality by ore type, its dressability, and other criteria
  • Assessment of prepared and blocked-out deposits
  • Positioning and configuring blocks to be blasted considering equipment units, assessment of quantitative and qualitative indicators of rocks in blocks
  • Creating plan options (monthly-daily-shift layouts) optimized for various criteria

The software solution for scheduling also provides these benefits:

  • Operational and long-term production planning
  • Option to choose the rational direction for mining development
  • Visualization of planning results
  • Generating your calendar for field development by periods
  • Choosing an optimal option for mining management
  • Preparation of a monthly plan for mining operations within your annual plan
  • Automatic layout of monthly plans for mining operations in days and shifts

Application Examples

Selection of the rational direction for mining development, collection of processing volumes by stages and phases, quality assessment by sites, volume and quality assessment by levels




Calculating the best option for transporting mined rock considering distance and quality indicators






Calculating the best option for transporting mined rock for each equipment unit






Defining optimal boundaries for pit processing

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