K-MINE : Stability Analysis

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Stability analysis module is designed to assess stability of open pit benches and walls, as well as dump lifts in homogeneous, quasihomogeneous and heterogeneous rock mass.

The software solution for calculating stability of pit walls and dump lifts offers unique features that help to:

  • Create 3D-models of maximum permissible slope angles for benches and pit walls
  • Calculate the stability factor for current mining and geological conditions according to engineering surveys
  • Perform records for geomechanical conditions and the rock mass state
  • Build possible sliding wedges in any section
  • Define maximum permissible angles of pit walls or benches
  • Calculate stability rating of dumps on loose powerful base
  • Consider water encroachment in geological rocks

This module will also give these following benefits:

  • Determination of positions for benches and walls of open pits and dump lifts required to ensure a margin of stability
  • Assessment of the actual and design condition of benches, open pit walls, and dump lifts
  • Mapping maximum permissible slope angles
  • Preparing recommendations that help to increase the margin of slope and pit wall stability

Application Examples

Calculating sliding wedges for open pit walls with poor rocks on loose powerful base





Determining the wall inclination by calculating and constructing a prism for the stability factor defined by the user





Preparing rock geomechanical models, summarizing data from previous studies, arranging calculation models





Calculating sliding wedges for open pit walls using the method of algebraic addition of forces





Constructing sliding wedges and calculating the stability factor of benches and walls of open pits or dumps using various methods





Designing the open pit deepening considering calculated sliding wedges for its walls

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