K-MINE : Surveying


Surveying module supports automated mining and geometrical calculations and solutions during surveying maintenance of mining works, creation of a shared information space and digital twins for objects, network mode management with access rights restriction, maintenance of mining-and-technical documentation in electronic form according to regulations, instant reports preparation according to regulations, automated surveyors’ works supervision, and can provide higher accuracy and reliability of information.

With K-MINE, you can input field measurement data into the system option to use surveying data in online mode used (GSM/LTE signal). This is the way to transfer data for updating the current status of mining works.

This software solution for surveyors can help to:

  • Use different methods to input data to your system (vectoring, reading data from measurement equipment, data import)
  • Process field measurement data
  • Solve positional geometrical tasks
  • Automate measurement processes and prepare data for staking out
  • Create profiles and sections
  • Calculate haul distances
  • Create and control sliding wedges
  • Calculate volumes and areas using approved methods
  • Solve specialized surveying tasks of shovel and railroad complexes, on drilling sides, etc.
  • Work locally or in the multi-user mode
  • Manage surveying documentation

Survey module also offers the following benefits:

  • Creating and managing surveying database
  • Different tools to input data to your system
  • Data export and import from/to electronic measurement equipment
  • Creating and updating surveying digital models, open cut and underground mining operations
  • A variety of software tools for office studies
  • 3D-vusualizing of concurrent digital models and their comfortable updating
  • Compliance with requirements of mine surveying regulations and technical inspection authorities
  • Effective and accurate calculation of volumes
  • Unified software system to solve different surveying tasks
  • Preparing and transfer of source data to adjacent departments, services, and relative systems
  • Significant reduction of total time required to perform surveying works

Application Examples

Office studies of surveys





Calculation of haulage distance between loading points (shovels) and dumping points (ore conveyors feeders, road to rail transshipment sites, etc.)





Volume calculation of prepared and blocked-out mineral deposits





Generating report documentation with calculationfor rock volume excavations and backfills using the vertical slice method







Calculation of rock volume excavations and backfills using the vertical slice method





Data staking out using the electronic inclinometer

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