K-MINE : Underground Dispatch


The software system for underground dispatch is designed to monitor positions of your personnel and equipment in the underground environment in real-time mode as well as maintain voice-to-voice and signal communications between employees in the mine and on the surface.

Underground Dispatch module provides you these functions, capabilities, and tools:

  • Real-time monitoring and three-dimensional visualization of gateways, markers, readers
  • Marker identification by entries into forbidden and open areas
  • Preview of movement trajectories of markers for the past period
  • Data grouping, filtering, sorting, and output according to criteria specified by the dispatcher
  • Retrieving information on the last marker signal

This module also provides these benefits that will ease your work:

  • Location control of your personnel and equipment in excavations in real-time mode and 3D-enviroment
  • Tracking the movement of your personnel and equipment
  • Monitoring employees crossing hazardous or forbidden areas
  • Maintaining the voice-to-voice communication with employees in the mine
  • Estimation of residence time and travel distance for employees in the mine

Application Examples

Receiving maximum information for dispatching and option to track dislocations of each employee or equipment unit as well as their groups

Setting the color alarm according to data received from mining equipment




Visualizing the movement of your personnel and equipment in real-time mode as well as using movement data from the archival database





Using existing 3D-models of the earth's surface, buildings, and mines to visualize your personnel’s position





Visualizing the dislocation of your personnel and equipment both on the daylight surface and in underground mines





Option for the dispatcher to pin down the location of each employee or their groups in real-time mode and using 3D-models of your mine

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