K-MINE : Ventilation


Ventilation module is intended to simulate operating modes of ventilation systems in underground environment, determine the pollution of the mine atmosphere and develop plans for accident eliminations as well as calculate various mine ventilation modes.

This module is supported by many features that will support your mining work, namely:

  • Modeling the ventilation system of your mine
  • Using the database of main and local ventilation fans and their graphical characteristics
  • Calculating air consumption and air velocity, depression, aerodynamic resistance, and other parameters
  • Automatic checking of your system for topology and correction of errors detected in the scheme
  • Visualization and color indication of system parameters
  • Calculating the concentration of harmful substances in the mine atmosphere
  • Calculating and modeling thermal drop of ventilation pressure in case of fire

Ventilation module also provides these benefits:

  • Automated analysis of various ventilation system options
  • Determination of optimal parameters for ventilation units under conditions of minimum power consumption
  • Early response to changes in the mine ventilation situation
  • Reduction of mining and construction costs due to optimized ventilation modes
  • On-the-fly calculation of gas contamination in excavations
  • Simulation of emergencies

Application Examples

Selecting and adding mine fans considering their aerodynamic characteristics by designing the mine ventilation scheme





Creating a wireframe 3D-model of underground ventilation system





Calculating and visualizing air consumption for ventilation systems in underground excavations





Calculating and visualizing gas-polluted excavations with option to estimate thermal drop and its influence on the ventilation system





Calculating gas contamination in underground excavations in case of fire





Determining the optimal route and time to rescue the personnel from the mine considering geometric characteristics and gas contamination in underground excavations

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