K-MINE Software

K-MINE is an integrated mining and operation software that fully compatible with all known mining software or device and supports data integration with other software that covers all the mining production stages with three-dimensional modelling.
We’re aware that today’s challenge in mining industry is dealing with unreasonable software pricing politics and the absence of end-to-end mining software solution. That’s why KAGARA Global Sinergi teamed up with K-MINE to deliver the most valuable software solution for mining business operations.
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K-MINE is the most budget and user-friendly complete solution for mining industry that has been proven to reduce production costs. Owing to its functionality, K-MINE can replace 4-6 similar systems by different developers with one integrated solution. For this reason, there is no need to integrate various systems or for graphic file conversion and the risk of human error is minimized. Rational data organization and structure in K-MINE will also help to save up to 40% of working time spent on engineering calculations.

K-MINE has been successfully operating in mining enterprises around the world for more than 20 years and has certified for compliance with ISO standards with over 500 partners and over 5500 copies of sold licenses around the world (mostly in Europe, America, Africa, and East Asia) and clients in mining industry, industrial safety, environmental science, and construction on a wide scale.

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These are 15 integrated modules of K-MINE that will help to automate the majority of mining planning and production operation on the single-shared platform :



Creation of digital models

Developing modeling projects of various complexity considering mining-and-geological conditions on your site, such as:

  • Digital models of mineral deposits of various types
  • Mining-and-technical objects (open pits, sections, dumps)
  • Mining workings for various purposes (exploratory, mining, transporting)
  • Electronic maps of territories in different scales
  • Interactive electronic maps for populated localities
  • Electronic maps and models of structures for industrial and civil purposes

Сonsulting and design works

Our long-term field experience helps us to perform different mining-and-geological works and to deliver you the following services:

  • Mining-and-geological audits
  • Support of geological works
  • Assessment of your assets and mineral deposits
  • Feasibility studies for development of mineral deposits
  • Performing projects for deposit development
  • Creating data sheets and reference tables for excavations
  • Planning development mining works for the annual period
  • Creating detailed construction plans for quarries and dumps, mining allotment plans
  • Calculation and design of technical and/or biological reclamation
  • Technical support in the process of result approval

Adaptible to your requirements

K-MINE provides custom-tailored approach and adaptation to your requirements. In the adaptation process, we change our software according to your requirements and conditions, and namely we do:

  • Software modification according to your conditions with partial or full automation of technological processes
  • Software modification adding the full range of technical features
  • Adaptation of existing functions to the specifics of your company
  • Software enhancement tailored to your needs
  • Development of report forms according to requirements and standards of your company

Technical Support

We will provide training and additional workshop to address specific technical issues. During the software implementation stage, we will train your employees based on your actual production processes. K-MINE technical support is available for 24/7 and all the problems are responded to via remote access.

Training for Your Specialist

In practical trainings, we use your actual cases and learn you how to apply virtually the software functions in the terms of your technological processes.

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