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About Us

KAGARA Agro is a highly specialized agricultural service that is tailored to meet the unique needs of agribusinesses. As part of KAGARA Corporation, based in Jakarta, Indonesia, we have established a reputation for providing top-quality agriculture solutions to clients locally and globally.


Our understanding of the significance of reliable and accurate decision-making tools in the agribusiness industry has resulted in our commitment to delivering solutions that promote consistency, dependability, and sustainability. Our team of experts is committed to ensuring that our clients have access to the latest insights, trends, and technologies to maximize their yields and profits.

Our Vision

to revolutionize and enhance global agriculture through the provision of innovative technological solutions that empower farmers, optimize agricultural productivity, promote sustainability, and ensure food security for current and future generations.

Our Mission

Lead the transformation of the agricultural sector into a sustainable, efficient, and technologically advanced industry.

Our Service

KAGARA Agro and METOS PESSL help them with customizable precision agriculture hardware and software solutions that cover all needs, pain points, and challenges that boots on the ground face in their everyday work. We are proud to make the burden of decision-making a bit lighter.



KAGARA Agro and AGRIVI's approach to solving the global food problem is through the digitalization of agriculture, that is, by switching the farmer's decision-making reliant on traditional practices and historical knowledge to the new data-driven and fact-based decision-making empowered by best-growing practices and real-time agronomic insights available using technology.