Stand Count Analysis

Nowadays, farmers usually do stand counts manually by walking through the field, which is extremely time-consuming and sometimes doesn't provide accurate data. The difference between a good harvest or significant crop losses can be implied by precise stand counts and early intervention. But conventional sampling of the field is unreliable and sometimes requires a high margin of error.

STAND COUNT ANALYSIS provides a cost-effective alternative that is simple and able to provide reliable data for agribusiness. Drone-based stand counts help farmers identify areas of potential yield loss and take corrective action during the growing season at key times. Farmers can count plants across an entire field and get a comprehensive report with details on the density and emergence of the stand in a matter of hours.

The Benefits of Stand Count Analysis


Stand Count Analysis determines the precise number of plants in a specific area, compares it to the expected results and calculates percentage under the norm. You can use Stand Count report to evaluate seed quality (germination rate), decide whether to replant or not, and mark the zones of potential yield losses. By obtaining an early yield estimate from Stand Count analysis, it’s easier to plan future agricultural operations and be proactive in replanting efforts.


The Best Time to Apply Stand Count Analysis

Stand Count estimation can be used throughout the year, in almost all growing stages of crops after they are 12 cm or 4 inch tall. This analysis gives the relevant information for both early and late season and in that way gives you a chance to compare the number of plants at the beginning and end of the season.

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